Wednesday, May 1, 2019

How to accumulate Gidimo free 150mb

    Yesterday I saw a pop up notification on GidiMo app about a glitch in their mobile network operator partner, I thought MTN has finally found the fault in their system but since they haven't let us enjoy.

    Since GidiMo has started giving out free 150mb, the urge to get more from it is inevitable that's why I've decided to share this post so we can accumulate enough before GidiMo finally stops giving out free 150mb.
    When you sign up on GidiMo you will be asked to claim your sign up bonus with your MTN number which means you can sign up with any number and claim your reward with an MTN number since Gidimo does not actually verifies the MTN number you used in claiming your reward.


    1. MTN sim card
    2. Other network sim cards
    3. Text+(TextPlus) or NextPlus or Primo.
    4. Your android device

    How to get more 150mb from GidiMo.

    If you have already installed and used GidiMo you will have to clear your GidiMo data. Go to settings, click on Storage or Storage and USB (depending on your android version).
     In storage, click on Phone storage(if GidiMo is installed on Phone storage, if not click on SD card) then click on Apps, click on GidiMo then click on clear data.
    1. Open GidiMo and click on New user
    2. Sing up with a different name and different number
    3. After verification claim your reward with an MTN number(you can use the same MTN number to claim all your free 150mb)

    How to accumulate GidiMo free 150mb using Text+ or NextPlus.

    1. Head to Play Store and download either of Text+ or NextPlus or Primo.
    2. After successful installation, sign up with a fake name and password.
    3.Select a state of your choice and the code you wanna use, You will be given a fake number which are sometimes blocked numbers.
    4. Clear your GidiMo data as explained earlier.
    5. Sign up with your newly acquired Fake number. Change the country code from +234 to +1 since you have a USA number.
    6. Open your text+ or the one you used. You will see the verification mail, copy/note the code then use it on your GidiMo app.
    7. After successful verification you will be asked to claim your sign up bonus.
    That's all. Please do not try these simultaneously. Give it time before retrying. preferably ones in a day and maximum of twice.
    Most of the free numbers on Text+ or NextPlus are blocked numbers so they might not work, just request for another number. To get more free numbers just create more textplus accounts.
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