Wednesday, March 13, 2019

WhatsApp set to ban the use of unofficial versions of Whatsapp like GbWhatsApp

    Whatsapp has finally decided to take actions on accounts using the unofficial versions of WhatsApp(third party) like GbWhatsApp, MWhatsApp, Yo WhatsApp, HiWhatsApp, OGWhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus. A temporal ban will be placed on all accounts using the unofficial versions of WhatsApp.

    Why has WhatsApp decided to take action.

    According to Whatsapp, it was disclosed that the use of these apps violates their terms of service. Thereby, users should expect an in-app message informing them they have been “temporarily banned.” WhatsApp also added that they do not support these third-party apps because they can’t validate their security practises.
     I've always had a doubt about this unofficial versions of whatsapp, most especially GbWhatsapp.
    The unofficial version of Telegram known as Bgram is on Play Store, but why is GbWhatsApp not on Play store? That has always rang a bell in my head, I ask my self every time,
    Why would I create an application like that and not put it on play store?
    Do you know the numerous downloads you can get from play store for creating that version of WhatsApp? GbWhatsApp has a lot of features that are easy to customize, it can change your whatsapp theme, allows you to post status videos of more than 30seconds, allows you to enable anit-revoke message, allows you to see the number of messages you've sent in a group/private chats and lots more features.
    I furthered my research and concluded that GbWhatsApp is a malicious application.
    Read my post on malicious software here.
    Even when I was about downloading GbWhatsApp for the first time I noticed someones comment, the person said his/her antivirus diagnosed GbWhatsApp has a malicious software, I ignored it then thinking the antivirus must be fake but later on I realized the antivirus was Original.
    If you use GbWhatsApp you must have noticed you can't backup your chats to your Gmail, have you ever asked your self why?

    How to lift the Ban.

      According to WhatsApp the ban can be lifted when user uninstall the unofficial version, install the original Whatsapp and sign in back to their account.
    Whatsapp also advised users to backup their chats and Whatsapp has provided detailed explanation for GBWhatsapp and Whatsapp Plus users on how to go about it.
    Whatsapp has  not stated when they will start banning users of these third-party apps. But when they start, I believe a great number of people will get banned.

    I was unable gather a standard evidence against GbWhatsApp that was why I was unable to write any post against it, but now that WhatsApp has finally decided to place ban on users that use the unofficial version, there is no need to warn anyone against it.

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