Monday, March 11, 2019

MTN free browsing with Stark VPN

    I'm sure it's no news that the previous MTN free browsing with HTTP injector, KPN tunnel and Combo VPN has finally being blocked.
    I know you are still enjoying Hammer VPN and you probably don't need this cheat, but if you are unable to use Hammer VPN (which is almost impossible) then here is another alternative for you, MTN free browsing with Stark VPN, it's capped at 50mb daily and it can not be bypassed.

    How to use Stark VPN to browse for free on MTN

     Download stark vpn on our telegram channel and install it.

    Click on the  none beside Tweaks and change it to Custom then  click on the Custom in red, make these changes.

    • - Change connection mode to  HTTP
    • - server port:8080
    • - host header: use or
    • - Change select header line type to multiline
    • - Reverse proxy: don't tick it
    • - proxy host:
    • - proxy port:8080

      Go back then press the red button to connect. This trick is a bit complicated and it might not work for you but if it does, Enjoy.
    Use it works faster than the second host header
    Keep on retrying, it will eventually work.
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    1. Wow, thanks for sharing this
      information, i will save this
      website so that i will read some posts again.


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