Monday, March 4, 2019

How to connect Hammer VPN with your pc

    I'm sure you are still rocking MTN free browsing with Hammer VPN. A great number of people that have been enjoying MTN free browsing with hammer VPN on their phone have been unable to do the same on their PC, due to this I decided to do a research and I finally came up with a way to share your Hammer VPN free browsing with your PC.
    With the help of PdaNet, you will be able to share the data with your PC.


    1. PdaNet for PC - Download here
    2. PdaNet for mobile device - Download here
    3. Hammer VPN.

    Why Pdanet?

    There are actually other applications you can use to share your VPN data with your PC, but PdaNet is more efficient, faster, easier and better than the rest. PdaNet is an application basically used for tethering Internet connections. With PdaNet you don't even need Wi-fi on both device as it can tether via Bluetooth, USB and Wi-fi. PdaNet can be easily used to connect your Hammer VPN and any other VPN with your PC.

    How to share hammer vpn free browsing with your PC.

    Step 1.

     Install PdaNet on your mobile device and PC.

    Step 2.

    Like I said earlier, you don't necessarily need to have wi-fi on both device in order to use PdaNet. In the screenshot below, I used USB cable to connect Hammer VPN with my PC, you can decide to use any other connection.

    Step 3.

    Connect your android device to your PC with USB.
    Connect your Hammer VPN(or other VPN application) then lunch PdaNet, select the method you want to use. I'm using USB Tether. Click on USB Tether and wait for it to show USB Mode Ready.
    On your PC open PdaNet, it will automatically connect.

    To connect your VPN with your PC using other options (Bluetooth and Wi-fi) just click on the option and wait for it to show Bluetooth/Wi-fi Mode ready then on your pc, click on the PdaNet icon minimized at the task bar. Click on show hidden Icons, you will see PaDnet icon, right click on it then click on connect via Bluetooth/Wi-fi.


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