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How to transfer files from your phone to PC using hotspot

Portable or personal hotspot also known as mobile hotspot, can be found in many smartphones and computers (especially the new ones). You can find it on Windows PC, Mac computer, iPhone, Android phones, etc. A personal hotspot on a phone allows you to share cellular data or Internet connection with other Wi-fi enabled devices.

    Besides using hotspot to share data connections with other available devices, hotspot can be used to share files. I'm sure some of us are using either bluetooth or USB cable to transfer files from our phone to PC.
    Mobile hotspot can help us send and receive any type of file to and from other devices at a very fast speeds. The the transfer rate can get up to 10mb/sec. You can transfer large files within minutes.


    1. Android phone.
    2. A PC (personal computer)
    3. Es File explorer - Download here 

    You will need a to extract it from a zip folder

    How to transfer file from phone to PC using hotspot 

    Android can not share files via virtual wi-Fi hotspot, you will need a third party application to transfer file via Wi-Fi hotspot, that's the reason we are using ES file manager. You can actually use other third party applications like Super beam, Shareit and xender but Es file manager is better because it does not require you to download any application on your system but others do( Except Xender).
    Es File Manager for Android contains a lot of useful tools, but our main focus will be the View on PC which automatically converts your Android phone into a virtual FTP server. You can then use a web browser, FTP client, the File manager on your computer to connect to the FTP server, this will allow you upload files and data from your PC to your Android device or download files and data from your Android device to your PC.

    Step 1.

    Switch on your phone hotspot and connect with your PC

    Step 2.

     Lunch Es File explorer

    Step 3.

     At the top of the screen, by the left, you will see three lines, Click on it. Scroll down and click on Network  then click on View on PC. Click on turn on and an IP address will appear.

    Step 4.

    Open any browser on your PC (preferably chrome or Mozilla). Type the IP address given to you in the url box of your browser. It will automatically display all the files on your phone the way it appears on your file manager

    Step 5.

    Locate the file you want to copy and click on it. A pop up will appear, click on save as then click on  OK.
    If the file you want to save is a video or picture, it will automatically open on your browser, just Right click and save it.

    How to use Xender to transfer file from your phone to PC

    1. Click on Connect to PC
    2.Change the Web Connect to HOTSPOT
    3. Connect your PC to the hotspot connection you just created using xender.
    4. Lunch your browser (Preferably chrome). Type in the address given to you on xender(the numbers)
    5. Click on accept on your phone and it will automatically display a file manager on your system, you can now transfer file from your phone to PC and from your PC to your phone.

    The advantage of xender over Es File explorer is the ability of xender to transfer files from your PC to phone, Es file explorer can only transfer files from your phone to PC, it can't transfer files from PC to phone.
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