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How to know the owner of an email(gmail, yahoo mail or any mail)

    I was trying to open a very important GMail account then I discovered the name I wanted to use has been chosen by someone else, I felt bad. I decided to find out the person that used the GMail address, probably I can make a deal with him/her and get the GMail account.
    Your case may be different, you probably got an email from someone you don't know or you got a mail and you are not sure if what's writen in the mail is real or it's actually form the real sender or an imposter, but how do you do this without asking the person?
    Google is obviously the first place you will go to. Google protects the privacy of individuals and if that person hasn't used the mail for any public form or sign up then google won't really be of help.
    While I was trying to find out the owner of the GMail address I wanted to use, I discovered different ways to find out the owner of an email address. Although you have to pay for some of them, but my main focus right now will be on the free ones.

    How to know the owner of an email.

    Since you have the email address it will be easy to use any of these methods.

    1. Reverse search - 

    • Facebook reverse email search .
    • Reverse search by image.

    2. Browser extention.

    3. Email clients.

    1. Reverse Email Search - Facebook.

    If you have a Facebook account then you know when you are about to sign up, you have two different options, via email or mobile number. Facebook has over a billion users so it's likely the owner of that email address is on Facebook and since most people don't really use their mobile number to sign up on  Facebook then you have an higher chance of getting the email address owner.

    All you have to do is search for the email on Facebook and if it shows any profile then that's the owner of that email but if it doesn't show any profile then that email isn't registered with a Facebook account. Now click on the account profile, if the person has a profile picture try and confirm if that's the picture of that account owner(just scroll through all the pictures on that account and see the one that occurs more often).
    Save the picture and upload it on google images( go to then click on the camera icon beside the search icon of the search box), google will bring out other profiles where the owner of that mail has used the same picture. By using this method, you have automatically done a reverse search by image

    You can also use this reverse image search site engine

    2. Browser Extentions (Google chrome)

    There some google chrome browser extention that can help you find information about the owner of an email.This browser extention automatically display the available information about the sender  beside the email. Most of these extensions work for almost all email clients. The one I will recommend is FullContact for Gmail client but it only works if you have a gmail.

    Other alternatives includes -

    • AboutNumber for Gmail.
    •  Sidekick by HubSpot.
    • Vibe App.
    • Connect 6°.

    3. Email Clients.

    Email clients works similarly to browser extention, it automatically extract the senders information and display it next to the mail. There two major Clients Polymail and Mailbird.
    Polymail and Mailbird automatically connect with your google account and display all the mails in your account, as soon as you click on any mail, it will display the senders information by the side of the mail. Polymail is better than browser extention because it has more features, polymail can tell you the senders loaction, company or individual account and lots more features.
    Polymail is probably the best mail client at extracting mail information, Polymail is majorly for Macintosh(Mac) but also available for Windows. Polymail on Mac has more features than that of Windows.  Mailbird is available for Windows but it is not advanced like Polymail.

    4. Location of sender.

    You can also check the location of the sender by using the IP address. If you are using gmail then you don't have to go far you can just copy the ip address from the mail.
    To get the ip address of a mail. Go to gmail on your browser. as soon as it's loading, click on view in HTML mode.Click on the mail you want to know the sender's location the click on Show Original, it will automatically open a new tab an dit wil show the details of the mail including the ip address.

    Now copy the ip address and paste it on this site (Trace route tool).


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