Saturday, March 2, 2019

How to bypass Hammer VPN daily limit

    Technology is advancing, security is getting tight but no matter how secured anything is, there is always a loop hole. Trust me on that.
    There will be a glitch in the system, the best they can do is try not to make it obvious, but that's next to impossible, someone always figures it out. It might take time, but eventually someone will.
    Tunnel Guru tried their best, Hammer VPN was very secured but unfortunately the loop hole has been discovered.
    With this trick I'm about to share, you will be able to bypass Hammer VPN daily limit and use the app without limit.


    1. Hammer VPN
    2. Es file explorer - Download it here
    3. Your phone File manager
    4. An MTN sim card

    💥How to bypass Hammer VPN daily limit

    1. Go to settings and click on developer option, scroll down and enable Don't keep activities 
     If you are not a developer yet, go to settings, About phone, locate Build number, tap your build number several times until it shows you are now a developer
    2. Go to your phone file manager, open it, go to the folder named Android.
    3. You will see a folder named HAMMER_TEMP_DIR, open it and  delete the file inside the folder, please don't delete the folder, minimize your file manager

    4. Open Es file explorer. Click on the three lines at the top  left of the screen, scroll down and enable Show hidden files

    5. Click on Internal storage and locate Android folder
    6. Click on the play store file ( .playstore.srf.h),
     Click on edit at the top, then rename the date to "25-" (if there is a number before - delete it and type 25, do not delete the remaining numbers, but if there is no number before - then put 25) and save. Minimize your es file explorer
    7. Now open Hammer VPN, if there are no servers, close the app and open it again.
    8. Click on any server(preferably Germany). then make sure it's showing Authenticating. Quickly minimize your hammer and watch it connect via your drop down notification screen. If you see its Authenticating or waiting for server reply for a long time and hammer VPN is not connecting, go back to the hammer and select another server. Minimize again and watch it Authenticate.

    See also - How to get Germany server on Hammer VPN

    ⚠️ Please follow the steps correctly and minimize is very important
     ⚠️If you don't have root access, then hammer VPN might disconnect you when you get to 200mb, don't worry, all you have to do is reconnect and it will work, but if it doesn't, restart from Step 1.
    Make Sure Your RPORT is 8080 and LPORT is 9201

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