Sunday, January 20, 2019

How to get likes on your Facebook post

Having numerous friends on Facebook does not guarantee you likes, even adding your close friends at times does not give you enough likes on your Facebook post.
Getting likes on Facebook is not as difficult has it seems. When you post on Facebook and people like it, it means they  find your post sensible or reasonable or funny. But if they don't like your post, it means they see no point in the post. If you want to get likes on your Facebook post, you have to add people with same interest has you, but, who has time to start adding people with common interest, where will you even find them?

    The best way to get likes on your Facebook post is to use autolikers.
    Autolikers are bots that automatically like your Facebook post. This bots don't operate on their own, they use real Facebook accounts to like your post.
    You are probably wondering where Facebook autolike bots gets their Facebook account from, these autoliker bot websites serves an exchange system, when you sign up, your account will be automatically added to their database, they will  use exisiting usres in their database to like your post on facebook and they will also use your account to like other people facebook post.

    ▪How to use Facebook autolike bots

    Inorder to use Facebook autolike bots, you will have to sign up with your Facebook account username and password.
    ⚪Go to any of the autoliker bots listed below.
    ⚪On the homepage you will see generate token like the one in the screenshot attached.

    ⚪Generate access token using your Facebook username and password

    ⚪Copy the access token and paste it in the required place.

    ⚪You will be redirected to your dashboard
    ⚪On your dashboard, you will see the list of available tools
    ⚪Click on autoliker
    ⚪click on the post you want to get likes
    select the number of likes
    ⚫check your Facebook account notification and you will see changes on the post you selected.

    You can use these Facebook autolike bots to increase your Facebook video view, followers and reactions, you will see the option on your dashboard (that's if the autolike site you are using has these features).

    I can't give you 100% assurance that using these autolike bot is safe or won't get your account hacked. I used it several times and my account was not hacked.

    ▪Facebook Autolike bots




    Note- These autolike bots are not from Facebook.
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