Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Clear your borrowed airtime on mtn with just 50naira

    MTN has always been using their borrow me(Airtime/data) as a source of income. Even after charging 5-50naira on each amount of airtime you borrow, if you borrow airtime form MTN and you are unable to repay it within 48hours, additional 0.05naira will be added to it daily. The longer the time it takes for you to repay them, the more money they earn.
    I actually never wanted to post this but have been see a lot of blogger using this little trick as another source of income which is not good, most of them were informed by someone for free.
    This little trick I'm about to post is not something that just started, it has been around for a while or probably a long time(about 4years). It was blocked until it was recently reactivated.


    ⚫MTN mpulse sim (the sim card you used to borrow airtime)
    ⚫2 MTN sim cards (the sim with the borrowed airtime and another MTN sim card)
    ⚫50naira airtime

    ⏺How to migrate to MTN mpulse 

    👉Dial *344*2#

    ⏺How to repay Your borrowed airtime with 50naira

    ⚪Migrate to MTN Mpulse on the sim you borrowed airtime from and on the sim you want to transfer airtime from.
    ⚪Get an mpulse pin
    Dial *344#, reply with 5 then reply with 8. Input your details (anything can be used)
    ⚪Add another number to that sim (add the number of the sim card you borrowed airtime on to the sim card you are transferring airtime from.)
    👉 Dails *344*5*2*1*1# 
    ⚪gift the sim you borrowed airtime on 50naira.

    ▪The airtime you borrowed will be cleared instantly

    ☑With this little trick, you can borrow as much airtime from MTN as you want and get it cleared with just 50naira. You can actually use this trick to borrow airtime of 500naira, buy data worth 500naira and clear it with just 50niara which means you are automatically buy a data worth 500naira with just 50naira.

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