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Never upload a video on YouTube without this tool

    If you have a YouTube channel or you just want to start one, then this post is for you. Getting enough views is the problem of most YouTube publishers. There are numerous YouTube channels with millions of subscribers if you are just starting your own, getting enough views will be very difficult. If you have been following my blog post you will know I recently wrote a post on how to get YouTube views, likes and subscribers but the problem with that post is that it's a bit difficult and stressful. After further research I discovered this Chrome extension tool that can help you boost your YouTube SEO to reach bigger audience problem
    The name of this extension TubeBuddy. With TubeBuddy, your days of enjoying YouTube are just starting.

    ⏺Features of TubeBuddy

    ☑️Extension -TubeBuddy works inside YouTube, i.e you don't need to open a separate tab for it while uploading your YouTube Videos.
    ☑️Tags - TubeBuddy helps you find the perfect tags for your new video.
    ☑️Keyword Explorer - keywords are words that are being used users to search for a particular content. Tubebuddy keyword Explorer tool will help you search for keywords that can easily rank higher on search result.
    ☑️A/B Testing - TubeBuddy automatically helps you test your titles, tags, descriptions and thumbnails for better search ranking.
    ☑️Publishing time- You might be wondering what publishing time means. But do you know there is actually a particular time for you to upload a video so as to get many views? I bet you don't. TubeBuddy will help you find the perfect time to upload your video on YouTube.
    ☑️Tag Alert - TubeBuddy automatically notifies you when your someone mentions/tag your YouTube channel.
    ☑️Promotion on Description - With TubeBuddy, you can promote you new video o=in the description of existing videos.
    ☑️Facebook Publishing - TubeBuddy can publish your YouTube video as a native Facebook video.

    TubeBuddy can help you keep tab on your competitors and generate GIF for your video 

    ⏺How to install TubeBuddy Chrome extension

    If you are just installing a chrome extension for the first time, you don't have to worry installing TubeBuddy chrome extension is not a difficult thing.

    Go to TubeBuddy . click here 

    A new tab will open, click on add to chrome 

    You will see add to chrome at the right top of the screen.

     Click on Add to chrome. A pop up will appear at the top, click on Add extension 

     After installation, you will see a new logo  at the top beside the address bar.
    Click on it and click on TubeBuddy for YouTube

    Click on sign in then sign in with the gmail you used to open your YouTube channel.

    ⏺How to use TubeBuddy

    Go to YouTube 
    ☑️Click on Tubebuddy sign in needed, click here
    ☑️Sign in with your gmail.
    ☑️You will see TubeBuddy logo beside the search bar, click on  it and you will see a list of all TubeBuddy tools.

    There is a catch for this tool, it's not free but you can use it for free for some days. 
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