Thursday, December 13, 2018

How to know a fake SD card(memory card) before buying it

SD cards popularly know as Memory cards are an extremely intriguing advancement. The capacity to store extensive files on such a little gadget is incredible.
If you are a gadget enthusiasts you're probably aware that it's difficult to know if your SD card is what you paid for. Fake SD card have spread across the market, it's just like when you have a product, you will try to say nice things about it so that people can buy it, that's where the problem of identifying a fake memory card comes in. Most of these gadgets sellers have some kind of sugar in their mouth, if you are not careful, you will buy more than what you intend.

    It's very funny when you find out a memory card of 16gb is actually 1gb ( This happened to me).
    There are a lot of phones out there with massive storage space, having a memory card(SD card) might not be really necessary.  Having a phone with massive storage space is nothing compared to having a memory card with massive space, in case of any phone problem or damage, all your data/files stored on your memory card are secured/unaffected but those on the phone storage might be lost forever. Wait, what if your phone battery is flat and you need to transfer some files from your phone to another device. If your files are stored on your memory card, you can just remove the memory card and insert it on the other device but if the files are stored on your phone then you just have to wait till you are able to charge your phone's battery. Do not forget that there are some applications on your phone that gobbles up space consistently, having an SD card will help save space.
     So you see? Having a memory card is actually important.

    However, looking at all these benefits, it is important to note that using a fake SD card can be very painful. Imagine waiting for hours just to transfer some files and at the end of the day the memory card crashes. What's more painful than that?
    Many of today’s counterfeit micro SD cards have much less actual storage than advertised. For example, the memory card I bought sometimes ago had an actually space of 1gb but displayed 16gb on my phone, this is due to firmware hacks. It is very important for you to get an original memory card. But how do you know a fake memory card before buying it? The solution is very simple. All you need is an Android phone, a little data to be able to download a 776kb app (SD insight app).
    The SD Insight app only works for Android version 6.0 and lower, so if you are using higher android versions then the app will not work for you.

    How to know a fake memory card.

    ● Insert the Memory Card into your Android phone.
    ● Open your Google Play Store app and Search for “SD Insight

    ● Download the app
    ● Launch the app and let it gather details about your memory card.
    ● SD insight will display information about your memory card. Information like Manufacturer, Model, Size and Manufactured Date.
    ● Click on the Eye Icon at the top right of the app to see other information about the memory card, to know if it's fake or original.

    Signs of a fake memory card 

    ● Name shown by the SD Insight app  does not corresponding with the name on the memory card.
    ● Storage space shown on SD Insight doesn’t correspond with the one written on the memory card.

    From the information shown by SD Insight app, you should be able to determine if your memory card is actually original or fake.

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