Saturday, November 10, 2018

Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus (water test)

    As we all know, in terms of phone, iPhone and Samsung have been dominating the market for a while now and I don't think they will stop dominating the market for the next few years.
    There has been a lot of controversial on which is better, Samsung or iPhone. I hope this test is able to reduce the controversial.
    In this water test, Samsung Galaxy S8 plus and iPhone 7 plus were kept inside two separate bowls of water and kept inside the freezer for 16hours.

    Results of the test

    There was just one difference between the phones.
    1. Survival - Both phone survived the test.
    2. Performance - Both phones worked perfectly (the calibration, screen, sound... Everything worked perfectly).
    3. Damages - No damage(s) was recorded on both phones.
    4. Battery Life - The iPhone had a battery life of 6% while the Samsung had a battery life of 0%.
    iPhone is fantastic, Samsung is fantastic, it all depends on which of them you like best.
    Check out the test on youtube
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