Monday, November 12, 2018

How to hack android/iPhone games with lucky patcher

Hacking of games is no longer for professionals. With Lucky Patcher, anyone can hack any game, anywhere and anytime. Lucky patcher does not require Android root.

    How to hack android game using lucky patcher

    1. Launch lucky pacther
    2. click on the game you want to hack
    3. Click on Menu of patchers
    4. click on Create Modified APK File
    5. Click on APK Rebuilt for InApp and LVL Emulation
    6. click on rebuild
    wait for about 2-5 minutes while it gets the files from the apk
    1. when it's done patching
    2. it will display a box with patch patterns. If there are at least two successful patch patterns, it means the game can be hacked but if there are less than two successful patch pattern, the game might not be hack-able.
    3. click on go to file
    4. click on uninstall and install
    5. click on yes
    6. launch the patched game after successful installation 
    7. click on what you want to buy in the game
    8. a box will pop up, click on yes.
    You have successfully hacked the game.

    Note - Some games require network connection before they can work and not all games can be patched (hacked).

    How to hack iPhone games

    Follow the same steps
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