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Legit ways to earn free bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency (also referred to as cryptocurrency). Bitcoin also serves the same function as money, you can purchase goods online and perform other transactions with bitcoin. You can either purchase or mine, but there are some sites, applications and telegram bots that actually gives out free bitcoin. In today's post I am going to give you the legit ways of  getting bitcoins free. If you are new to crytocurrency,you need to open a bitcoin wallet where you will store your bitcoins. you can open a bitcoin wallet at lunocoinbase and blockchain.

How to earn free btc from applications

  1. Pivot free btc 

                                                                                                                                                          In  Pivot free btc, 4bitcoin is allocated to all the members for 24 hours and the survival of the fittest game begins.
    How do you get a share from this 4btc??
    You read,share posts with friends, and invite friends.
    Doing this tasks will  get you POWER.
    Power is the point that will determine the amount of BTC share you will have for that day. 
    for example, we are three and I have 100 power, you have 1000 power, someone else has 5000 power, definitely we won't get equal amount of btc. The person with 5000power gets more btc than both of us. Minimum payout is 0.001btc
  2. Exbuzz   
                                                                                                                                                        Exbuzz is similar to pivot, but the points of Exbuzz are smaller compared to pivot. In Exbuzz you earn point from
    • Reading news
    • surfing ads
    • hourly rewards
    • inviting friends
    • daily tasks
    • btc bonus
    The best way to earn a lot form Exbuzz is to get active referrals. Minimum payout is 0.001btc

How to earn free bitcoin online

Coinpot Faucet 

Coinpot is a faucet platform for bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, dash and bitcoincash. There a just  few faucets that will send your claims to coinpot and this faucet are legit. I personally tired it and it was legit. These faucet contains ads(but few ads) and they are very easy to use. here are the list of faucets that uses coinpot.

You have to register an account with coinpot(with your gmail) before you register at the faucets.
 With Coinpot, you can convert other cryptocurrency you earned from the faucets to bitcoin. Minimum payout is 0.0001btc


Free bitcoin  is another legit website where you can earn 29-1000 satoshis every hour. you can play games and bet to earn more satoshi.
Payment is made every weekend.

How to earn bitcoin with Telegram bot

For now, this is the only telegram bot I can recommend, it's an investment bot.
you will get 0.001btc as a sign up bonus which can be reinvested.
you get 160% profit, minimum payout is 0.0025btc.
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