Thursday, October 12, 2017

Two ways to detect if your phone is being spied on

1. Your calls, messages, voice mails and datas are being forwarded 

Dial *#21#
This code  is just a code to help you detect if your calls are being forwarded to another destination (Number). If it shows that your calls, data, messages are being forwarded to another destination (number), it means you are being monitored

      Dial *#62#
 If you dial this code  and it shows that your voicemail is being directed to another  number other than your network then your voicemail is being recieved by another person. The number should be the same as your network provider, but someone can get into your phone and replace it with a number and  all your voicemails will be going to that number.

How to fix this

Dial ##002#
When you are about typing the 2 in the code above,  you will be sent  to a secured page  to be sure you’re the one. After this, you will be asked  to set a security code, when you’re done, you can now use this code.

 This code  is to help  put off every redirection on your phone and it is important to do this before you access roaming, so that you wont  recieve  any  extra charges for calls that are directed to your voicemail.

Dial *#06#
Use this to check your IMEI Number. You will need it for a lot of security settings. With this number, you can easily track your phone when it is stolen. If that number gets into the wrong hands, it can be used to get the model and technical details of your phone.

Using special codes.
These  special codes  allows someone to track your location or allows someone to determine if someone is following you.  You will need a utility net monitor to execute this.

These codes veries for every OS and so here the codes for different types of OS…

iOS: *3001#12345#*

Android: *#*#4636#*#*

 This code basically sends you to a page where you can access all your phone information, usage statistics and WiFi Information, this will help know  when someone is spying on you. You can detect it from the information provided. For instance, there is an application on your phone that you’re accessing all the time (according to the information provided) and  you can’t recollect  the last time you accessed it, You know what that means.
Someone is spying on  you.

2.. Signs You Should Look Out For.

Phones are not supposed to heat and run out of battery anyhow. For  your phone to  heat,, that means  you are using it or you are charging it.. If the battery gets drained  faster than expected, send it for repairs and if you’re told everything is fine and you still have the same issue, it is advisable to change your phone because there is a possibility of someone spying on you.
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