Monday, October 2, 2017

Amazing trick on how to save whatsappp status

Ever since WhatsApp launched the WhatsApp Status, WhatsApp has gotten a lot more interesting. I do see a lot of funny picture and amazing videos. Sometimes they are very interesting contents that I would like to save them on my phone but because WhatsApp does not have the save feature, I wont be able to save them, Instead I would ask the person that uploaded it.
With this trick I'm about to share, you will be able to save a whatsapp status with out contacting the person that uploaded it.

Note- you must view the videos/pictures before this trick can work

 Follow these steps
Step 1 - Open your phone's file manager.
Click on the image that looks like an eye (if your phone doesn't have that, then look for an icon or anything that has hide and unhide function)
Step 2- tick the show hidden files

Step 3- go to your WhatsApp folder
Step 4- click on media
Step 5- Click on statuses 

Step 6- copy all the files away from statuses to another folder..

Congratulations, you now have your whatsapp contacts status on your file manager.

Note- If you move the files away from the statuses folder, the status will disappear on your WhatsApp but will appear on your phone.

Also note that if you don't do this within 24hours after the status was uploaded, it will disappear from the statuses folder on your file manager.

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