Saturday, September 9, 2017

Top 5 things you shouldn't do with your Android phone

There are some things we do on our phone that we actually don't know can destroy our phone. These things might seem harmless or meaningless but they can actually cause a huge damage on our phone. 

Top 5 things you shouldn't do with your Android phone


Task killers/manually closing applications

Many of us use task killers or close applications manually from the recent apps menu. But what we don't know is that it is harming the performance of our device.
When we open an application, part of its data is being stored in the RAM. which means that when you open the same app a second time, it will load faster because of the existence of this previously cached data.
If you remove this application from the recent applications menu, or delete the cache, the data stored in the RAM will be lost also. So when you want to reopen this application again you will have to  start this process again.
Only close applications if you must (if they are draining a lot of battery or occupying too many resources while in the background.)

4. Having Many Apps

When you have so many apps on your android phone, the phone starts to hang which is very annoying at times and if you are the kind of person that is quick to anger, you are likely to damage your phone.
When you have many apps on your phone the phone speed reduces and can make your phone crash

3. Using your phone while charging.  

This is a very bad habit, unfortunately many people are found of it.
Three things can happen when using a phone while it's being charged
  1. It can destroy the battery.
  2. The phone's panel can get burnt/damaged
  3. The phone might crash 
Never use a phone while it's being charged


Using more than one antivirus app

If you  need an antivirus program on your Android device then you should know that they take up RAM and battery. Antivirus are applications that run in background every time. Having more than one antivirus doesn't make your phone safe. If  you need an antivirus app then make sure you choose wisely and only use one at a time.

1. Gaining root access to your phone

 When you gain root access to your phone, 2 major things can happen 
  1.  Gaining root access, you get total control over the entire system(phone). With the right skills and tools, you can read and modify almost all the parameters on your phone/device. This type of access is like a double edged sword,  when you have root access there is nothing  to prevent malicious applications from wreaking havoc on your phone/device/system, your device files can be corrupted or can even be deleted at anytime.
  2.  The method to root a device varies from device to device. There is no universal  method for rooting a device. For instance, rooting a Nexus device  requires you to download an app (toolset) and then use the PC command prompt to gain access while most Samsung device  requires you to use the Odin software on your PC. With device specific instructions that often require multiple steps and at least a decent understanding of computers, there is a much larger chance for things to go wrong and possibly rendering your device unusable.
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