Thursday, September 14, 2017

How to Upgrade/Increase your pc RAM

 If system is running low, it means you need to increase your system RAM.
Upgrading/increasing RAM is one of the cheapest and easy thing to do, in other to increase the performance of your system, you need to know the kind of RAM your system supports, Once you know this, it will be easy to upgrade your system RAM.

Step 1
Know the kind of RAM compatible for your mother board  
  1.  You can measure your RAM with two different numbers, PC/PC2/PC3 number and the MHz speed. The PC number signifies the maximum bandwidth(i.e the maximum amount of data that can be transferred). The speed of the RAM is a measured by how quickly the RAM can perform functions,it's signified(the number) after the DDR specification, for example DDR3 1333 = 1333 MHz.
  2. Your system RAM comes as a Double Data Rate (DDR, DDR2, DDR3). most of the new computers now do not have DDR but most of them have DDR2, and DDR3

Step 2
Open Your System

 When you open your system, you will see the RAM fixed inside a slot in the mother board.

Step 3

Check you system properties to see how much RAM it can support 
Besides the number of RAM that can fit into your system's mother board, there is also a limit for the amount of RAM (gigabytes) your System can hold.

 If your system type is 32-bit operating system then the maximum RAM(in gigabytes) it can support is 4gb but if your system type is 64-bit operating system, I don't think there is a specific limit for that.

Step 4 
Purchase RAM (in pairs)
It's compulsory for you to purchase the RAM in pairs, for example, if you are trying to increase your system RAM to 8gb or 16gb, you need to buy 4gb RAM or 8gb RAM not 3gb ... 
Note: if you are trying to replace the old RAM, you need to make sure the new RAM matches the old one(with exact specifications)

 Step 5
 Fixing in your RAM
After you must have bought a new RAM
  1. Remove the old RAM.
  2. Fix the new RAM inside the slot in the mother board and make sure it fits with the notch so as to enter the break(s) in the RAM
  3. Make sure the RAM is firm in the slot
Make sure you have installed the matching pairs  

Step 6
Power on your system 
If your computer boots normally, it means you got the steps right and your system is now faster.
You can check if your computer operating system recognizes the RAM by pressing win + pause  

Note :  if your system doesn't boot normally or you encountered an error then
  • you must have installed the wrong RAM
  • The RAM are not well inserted (are not firm)
  • You passed the capacity of your system type

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