Saturday, September 9, 2017

How to make your Android phone faster

Every phone is designed to work perfectly with the RAM size. When you purchase a phone, it works perfectly and very fast but the more you use it(applications you install),  the slower and annoying it becomes, that's because you have passed the factory default capacity of the phone and you have installed more background apps on the phone.

How to make your android phone faster.

 Follow this steps
1. Go to settings
2. Click on device info
3. Click on build 7times
4.There will be a new option called "developer setting" in the setting menu
5. Search for the braving category and set the following option to 0.5X- Window Animation Scale, Transition Animation scale, and Animator duration scale.

Some applications can actually make your phone slower. Here are some application that can make your phone slower
Phone launchers -phone launchers reduce phone speed and performance a lot because they have to keep running even when your phone is not in use.
Antivirus applications - having more than one antivirus application is not advisable, it can cause your phone to become slower because the antivirus applications are background application so having more than one can reduce your phone performance.
Unnecessary phone widgets - you probably want to customize your phone by downloading some widget but do you know those widgets can reduce phone performance?

To make your android phone faster, reduce the phone widgets, remove the unnecessary  launcher and antivirus applications.

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