Tuesday, August 29, 2017

How to save your phone's battery power

How long your phone last doesn't just depend on the battery capacity, it also depends on what you do on the phone. If you use the internet a lot, your phone's battery will drain faster than someone who doesn't really use the internet. When you switch on your phone data, there are some background apps that will automatically start and connect to the internet which will result in rapid drain of your phone's battery power.
This little trick on how to save your phone's battery power can not work if you use the internet a lot but if you are the type that hardly uses the internet, then this trick is for you.

How to save your phones battery power 

When ever you are doing something that does not require cellular network, put your phone on airplane mode. By leaving your phone on airplane mode, you are preventing some background apps to function there by reducing battery usage on your phone.

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